Self Storage Panama City Beach – Tips for Storing Items

Self storage Panama City Beach: Here are some quick tips for filling up your self-storage unit in Panama City Beach, FL.

1.     Plan your self-storage space before you start packing.

2.     Use uniformly sized boxes or storage crates that are easy to stack. Make sure the boxes are strong enough for the items you will put into them.

3.     Wrap glasses and dishes in paper.

4.     Don’t box lighter, more fragile items under heavy items.

5.     Pack books and other heavy items into small boxes so they are easy to move and carry.

6.     List contents of boxes on the sides and top. Number the boxes and seal with packing tape (unless you will need to access the contents often).

7.     Make an inventory of everything you store. Keep the inventory in a safe place.

8.     Place items that you may need to access often near the front of the self-storage unit. Leave walkways between stored items.

9.     Stack lighter storage boxes on top of heavier boxes.

10.  Wrap mirrors and pictures in cardboard. Mark them as fragile and stack carefully.

11.  If you are storing furniture with drawers, use the drawers to store smaller items such as nick- knacks, photos, and China.

12.  Wrap larger breakable items in towels, or blankets.

13.  Use large appliances to store items such as towels, clothes, and blankets.

14.  Break down tables or items with removable legs to save space.

15.  Cover soft furnishings with sheets or blankets to protect against dust.

16.  If you store mattresses on their sides, prop them up straight so they don’t bend and lose their shape.

17.  Store outdoor tools like shovels, rakes, and hoses in empty trash cans.

18.  Do not store combustible items such as solvents, paints, gasoline, paint thinner, etc.

Need self-storage in Panama City Beach, FL?

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