Tips for picking the best Panama City Beach storage units for your needs

Where to find the best storage units in Panama City Beach, Florida.

1. Amenities.

It’s not a secret–Florida gets hot! If you need to store furniture, electronics, or other weather-sensitive items, then you probably need a storage unit with climate control. We have 12 – 20’ by 20’ indoor storage units that are heated/cooled with air conditioning (AC) 365 days per year.

2. Hours of operation.

If you need convenient access to your storage unit, then make sure you pick a storage facility that is open when you need it. At Max Storage, you can access your unit 24 hours per day.

3. Location.

Is your storage unit conveniently located? If you plan on storing your items long term and don’t want to spend a lot of time driving to the unit, then proximity to your home should be a consideration. We are conveniently located to Panama City Beach, Laguna Beach, Sunnyside, Rosemary Beach, and other areas along Highway 98 / 30A / and Front Beach Road.

4. Pricing.

Do the storage facility prices meet your budget requirements? Do they offer any storage unit specials or require a deposit? Is paying your bill convenient? These are all issues that might affect your choice of storage facility.

5. Reviews.

What do other people think of the storage facility? Check Google maps, Facebook, Yelp, the Yellow Pages, friends, and family for reviews and recommendations.

6. Security.

Once you lock up your items, you don’t want to have to worry about their safety. Check what security and safety features are available. Are there security cameras? An on-site office? Is the facility well-lit?

7. Size.

Choosing the right size storage unit is also important. Get a unit that is too small and your items won’t fit. Get a storage unit that is too big and you will pay more than you should. 

Are you looking for a storage unit in Panama City Beach, FL? We invite you to learn more about our storage units or contact our office for leasing information.

You can also get more information on our Frequently Asked Questions blog post.

Our Panama City Beach storage units
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